2006 Cuffies

So, the new issue of Publisher’s Weekly came out Monday. For those of you who don’t know, Cuffies are chosen by children’s booksellers. They have some interesting categories. Here are some examples:

Most Memorable Character in a Lead Role Liesel in The Book Thief (Edward Cullen only got an honorable mention! How could this be!)

Most Garbled Title Request – Chronicles of Nirvana

Most Unusual Complaint – “At our Lemony Snicket event, a customer was extremely upset because ‘the author didn’t show up and sent his representative, David Handler, instead.'”


4 thoughts on “2006 Cuffies

  1. No offense to Liesel, but…I am outraged! Edward Cullen? Honorable mention? Well, as far as I’m concerned, he most certainly lingers in my memory…

    I love The Cuffies!!!!

    (Even if they are showing questionable taste with the above category. Hmpf.)

  2. Of course, the administrators of this blog are totally unbiased when it comes to Edward Cullen as illustrated in our new banner photo!

  3. The Cuffies? I never heard of them but love it. Although I’m also joining in and am shocked, shocked I tell you, that Edward Cullen only got a memorable mention 🙂
    Actually I have heard that The Book Thief is amazing.

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