Frank Miller’s 300

300.jpgAfter having seen Frank Miller’s 300 on opening night, I can tell you that it is brutal in its beauty, surreal in scope and cinematography, and totally gripping. It’s one of those films that, the more you think about it, the more it burrows under your skin.

Based on Miller’s (also of Sin City fame) graphic novel of the same name, the film shares the book’s violence, the muted yet glowing colors, and through both you develop a love for the Spartans and their never surrender mentality.

Keep in mind that both the film, which is rated R, and the book display graphic violence. The representation is both visually stunning and powerful and prepare for a surge of adrenaline as you view it. If you can stand the blood (though there is no over gore), I highly recommend 300.

The graphic novel is available at this time through interlibrary loan. Be prepared to wait, though — there is a growing hold list on it.



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