Mr. Dixon Disappears ~ Ian Sansom

dixon.gifIn Sansom’s second Mobile Library Mystery, we find our hero, Israel Armstrong, BA (Hons), in another ridiculous predicament. Our beloved underachiever has just finished his mobile-library-sponsored five-panel display on the history of the Dixon and Pickering’s department store, when he is apprehended for the robbery and kidnapping of Mr. Dixon. Sansom’s characters are wonderful and he teases the reader with little bits of background information on each of the supporting characters so you’ll want to read more. Here is a snippet:

‘Aye, all right’ said Ted, with a dismissive wave of his hand. ‘Ye ready for Linda?’
‘Aye,’ said Israel sighing. ‘I suppose?’
‘What did you say?’ said Ted.
‘I don’t know, said Israel, ‘I suppose?’
‘Ye said “Aye”,’ said Ted.
‘I did not!’ said Israel.
‘You’re turnin’,’ said Ted. ‘You want to watch yourself. You’ll be singing “The Sash” next.’


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