“Darkest Evening Of The Year”, by Dean Koontz

koont5z.jpgDean Koontz has expanded in recent years from his straight horror. Some of his fans like this and some don’t. I happen to belong to the former group and his newest offering is along the same vein. Amy Redwing heads a rescue group for Golden Retrievers. Dogs are literally her life. Brian McCarthy while not quite as passionate, is deeply in love with Amy so her cause becomes his. A rescue mission for a Golden named Nickie winds up opening the door to much more, including shared ties to a past that neither Brian nor Amy are aware they share. This book is definitely a testimonial to Mr. Koontz’s love of Goldens. He and his wife recently lost their Golden, Trixie whom they had as a member of their family for many years and it makes certain moments in this book even more heartbreaking. I would say the only criticism I have is that the ending was a bit rushed. Other than that, I’m very happy to add “Darkest Evening of the Year” to my collection of books.

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