Two mysteries

Holly Winter and Kinsey Millhone are back again in their latest. Both deal with the issue of identity theft.

all-shots.jpgALL SHOTS by Susan Conant finds dog owner/trainer Holly Winter in search of the murderer of the “other” Holly Winter in town. While investigating, she learns of the existence of a third Holly Winter. Her advice at that point is, if your last name is Winter and you have a daughter born in December, please pick a name other than “Holly”. Trying to keep them separate was quite a task. I almost stopped reading this book in the middle when she described someone as having a “librarian’s pallor”. I swallowed my disgust, however, as the mystery lover in me needed to find out “whodunnit.”

t-is-for-trespass.jpg“T IS FOR TRESPASS” had a more intricate plot. A woman who has made her living stealing identities and preying on the elderly hits too close to home for Kinsey Millhone. As she begins to suspect the deception, it becomes a dangerous battle of wits between the two. Sue Grafton continues her reputation as a top-notch mystery writer. This is one of her best.


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