Haunted Rectory – Katherine Valentine

haunted-rectory.jpgSt. Francis Xavier parish is losing pastors. Over the years, three freaked priests have fled, having beheld Sights Too Terrible To Speak Of. Enter redoubtable replacement Father Rich Melos, who’s both fearless of Satan and Thornbirds-cute. Jane Edwell, plucky proprietor of the Sip and Sit Caf, joins Melos in his bid to blast open the malefic mystery. A 40ish gamine with a jogger’s hardbody, she’s psychically gifted, her sixth sense an uncanny after-effect of her surviving a car crash that killed her family when she was a teen. Jane and the Church Hookers—soccer moms who meet to handcraft folk-art rugs—become demon detectives while sparing time to flirt harmlessly with the padre and exchange benign gossip with other un-desperate housewives.

Sound good? One of our patrons thought this was a fantastic book.


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