Super Spy ~ Matt Kindt

superspy.gifSet in World War II, Super Spy delves into the lives of spies: their motives, their tactics and their missions. Each chapter or “dossier” moves the story along, but not necessarily in a linear fashion. The dossiers are dated, so you could read it that way if you want. But, the original order allows Kindt to have different spies at center stage at different times and images from the dossiers reappear as clues in later episodes. This book was great fun and warrants a re-read. I thought the artwork was terrific and helped transport me to the time period. The drawings tend to be sparse, but there are lots of little important details and in many ways that mirrors the lives of his spies who often lead Spartan lives, but rely on the coded messages left in little things as a means of communication such as children’s books, comic strips, a scar.

If you are at all interested in graphic novels, you might want to give Super Spy a try. Oh yeah, and you can buy Super Spy cynanide mints to help you get in the spirit.

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