The Creative Family ~ Amanda Blake Soule

Now, my friends, is the time to nurture your creative side. If you need an excuse let’s call it a “job responsibility” that comes with parenting, okay? Nurturing your own creative spirit will not only bring more peace, satisfaction and joy into your life and the lives of those around you, but it will also serve as a guide and model to your children on finding their creative selves. It’s required. There. Now, you need to begin the search for that special something that will inspire you to create.

The world is a harried place for kids and families these days, but Amanda Blake Soule helps families slow down and introduce creativity as part of everyday life. Don’t worry, this book is not about turning your children into Martha Stewart clones. Soule’s approach is not about pressuring parents, rather her book stresses the process of creativity not the end result. Soule defines creativity with a broad brush not merely arts and crafts, but nature, theater, music and more. The book is filled with a number of easy craft projects and ideas for the whole family to express themselves in a creative way. Parenting books abound, but this one is a joy to read. Don’t miss her blog SouleMama!

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