The Likeness ~ Tana French

The author of IN THE WOODS has written another engrossing psychological thriller. A young girl is found stabbed to death in an abandoned cottage outside of Dublin. The character of Cassie Maddox returns to help in the investigation. The twist in the case is that the murdered girl bears a striking resemblance to Cassie. The added twist is that the girl has “stolen” part of Cassie’s identity, and named herself Lexie Madison.

In order to trap the killer, it will be announced that the stab wounds were not fatal, and Cassie will pose as the dead girl. She returns to “Lexie’s” world and learns things about the girl’s past that make her more complex than originally thought.  Cassie becomes unexpectedly comfortable in this world and finds herself fitting in a little too well with Lexie’s housemates. As she gets closer to uncovering the killer, she finds herself in extreme danger but helpless to extricate herself from the web of lies she’s created. This is not a quick read, but a well-written, throughly satisfying suspense novel.


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