Turn Coat – by Jim Butcher

turncoat-400In this latest entry of the Dresden series, Harry winds up helping Morgan of all people, prove his innocence of murdering a White Council member. I’ve been looking forward to reading this as soon as I heard that Morgan would be coming to Harry for assistance. In my opinion, this is one of the best books of the series. Without including any spoliers, let me just say that in addition to the main story of who exactly is the murderer, this is a big set-up for what is obviously going to be a war between the wizards’ White Council, and the still relatively unknown Black Council. To make matters even more complicated, as of right now there are very few of the wizards that actually believe or will acknowledge that there is a Black Council. Needless to say this leaves Harry and his allies to do all the dirty work. It’s also obvious from this book that no matter what Harry does he will always have his detractors who would like nothing better than his head served on a platter. All that said, this is a very emotional book, and while Harry doesn’t  get beaten up quite as much (physically anyway) as in the last book, his psyche takes quite the beating. By the end of the book it left me wanting to go back and re-read the entire series to weed out the clues that point to the events which occur in Turn Coat. I can’t wait until the next book comes out!

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