Air: Letters from Lost Countries ~ G. Willow Wilson

airTake an acrophobic  flight attendant, a mysterious traveler who changes his name based on his destination and a clandestine group of vigilantes and put them together and you have the making of a fun new graphic novel series. Blythe meets Zayn on various flights and begins to think that he’s a terrorist. But Zayn charms his way into her world and turns it upside down. His sudden disappearance followed by a letter from a country that no longer exists sends Blythe on a world she must dream about to enter.

This was a very enjoyable first installment with likable characters and plenty of action. Air has been described as a “post-9/11 fairy tale” and that’s a great description of how Wilson plays on our culture’s fears of terrorism and air travel.  M.K. Perker’s graphics are wonderful. He captures the beauty and emotions of the characters with just the right touch of the fantastical. Wilson leaves Blythe hanging in mid-air and the reader waiting for the next volume in the series.


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