Border Songs ~ Jim Lynch

bordersongsPreternaturally tall and painfully innocent, Brandon Vanderkool is more bird than border patrol agent, prone to mimicking birdsong and building nests. But he’s also a remarkably acute defender of a North American border that Jim Lynch describes as “multiple-choice…with incoming settlers finding an American, a Canadian, and a compromise in-between” in Border Songs. Brandon is a rookie agent on a streak of successful smuggling busts during a period when border traffic is at an all-time high, bringing a swift and seismic stroke of change to a corner of the continent that once felt settled and secure.

Here’s a nice review of this book by one of our patrons:

Border Songs uses the natural setting of the Northwest United States and British Columbia in contrast with border patrol activities as a backdrop for very different and fascinating characters. Current issues in patroling U.S. borders and immigration laws set the story in action but the character quirks and foibles make reading this tale delightful.


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