Nothing Was the Same ~ Kay Redfield Jamison

Reeve Lindbergh, herself an accomplished memoirist, writes a wonderful review of Jamison’s book in the Washington Post that can be found on the Amazon site. “To write the truth with such passion and grace is remarkable enough. To do this in loving memory of a partner is tribute indeed.”

Jamison is indeed a writer of great eloquence, beauty and bravery. Her earlier books include An Unquiet Mind, that explores Redfield’s own struggle with manic-depressive illness and its treatment. Nothing is a moving tribute to her husband, Dr. Richard Wyatt, a visionary researcher and expert on schizophrenia with whom she was shared a twenty year marriage until his death from cancer in 2002. That she again shares her life’s  journey with us is more than remarkable- its is startlingly generous. I most appreciated Jamison’s  writing as she explored grief and madness,  the comfort and consolation of language and most especially the endurance of love in the face of it all.


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