Rococo ~ Adriana Trigiani

Our Lady of Fatima is a close knit and very well decorated town in New Jersey. It’s prince, Bartolomeo di Crespi is the town’s best and only interior decorator. B, as he’s better known, gives up a New York City career in design so that he can be a beloved brother and uncle and member of the OLOF church. B is also an avowed bachelor. Unfortunately for him, he was betrothed at birth to his best friend, Capri Mandelbaum. They have tried everything, but no sparks fly between them and B dotes on her but is determined to remain unmarried. B’s design dream is to redecorate the OLOF church and when he is awarded the commission, he finds himself with the designer’s equivalent of writer’s block. He calls in the big guns form NYC and things start to get interesting in his little town. Trigiani creates some wonderfully fun and quirky characters. Though B is not necessarily a believable character to me, he was still likeable and someone to route for. If only all brothers and uncles were that dedicated! Trigiani does a great job of portraying the big Italian family and community. Needless to say there is plenty of humor. Interior design buffs will appreciate the detailed descriptions of every room in the book. And, there is always plenty of food and a few recipes. If you are looking for comfort food, look no further.


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