Orange Prize Finalists


Congratulations to the finalists for the Orange Prize:

Rosie Alison ~ The Very Thought of You
Eleanor Catton ~ The Rehearsal
Clare Clark ~ Savage Lands
Amanda Craig ~ Hearts and Minds
Roopa Farooki ~ The Way Things Look to Me
Rebecca Gowers ~ The Twisted Heart
M.J. Hyland ~ This is How
Sadie Jones ~ Small Wars
Barbara Kingsolver ~ The Lacuna
Laila Lalami ~ Secret Son
Andrea Levy ~ The Long Song
Attica Locke ~ Black Water Rising
Maria McCann ~ The Wilding
Hilary Mantel ~ Wolf Hall
Nadifa Mohamed ~ Black Mamba Boy
Lorrie Moore ~ A Gate at the Stairs
Monique Roffey ~ The White Woman on the Green Bicycle
Amy Sackville ~ The Still Point
Kathryn Stockett ~ The Help
Sarah Waters ~ The Little Stranger

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