Tunnel Vision – Gary Braver

Reviewed by Kim

Grad student Zack Kashian lapses into a coma after a terrible biking accident on an icy Boston street. Three months later he awakens on Easter, muttering the Lord’s Prayer in the original Aramaic. The media, and religious fanatics flock to his bedside, eager to talk to this “Miracle Man” even though Zack insists he’s an atheist. Zack’s revival also catches the attention of a small group of neuroscientists who are studying near-death experiences (NDE). Unfortunately what Zack experiences through the tests are anything but heavenly.As he tries to understand what his horrific out-of-body experiences could mean, he has sinister group begins stalking him and they will stop at nothing to discredit him, even if it results in his death.

This latest thrilling page turner by Gary Braver is the perfect summer read! While exciting, with clever plot twists and turns, and writing that keeps the reader up well into the night, Tunnel Vision also has a solid grasp on not only the scientific aspect of it’s subject, but the religious overtones as well. I was impressed with how thoroughly well researched this book obviously was. The characters are equally fleshed out and well written. Zack is an extremely sympathetic character and you can imagine being in his place and not understanding the events that are unfolding. His love interest happens to be one of the neuroscientists that are conducting the tests so she actually serves a sort of bridge between Zack and the other scientists who aren’t quite as concerned with his well being as they are with results. I don’t think I came away from reading Tunnel Vision with any clearcut changes on my views concerning NDEs, but it certainly left me with plenty to ponder. And after all, isn’t that what a great book is all about?

Kim is the Assistant Head of Children’s Services
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Kim is currently reading: The Dark Enquiry by Deanna Raybourn

Gary Braver will be speaking at the library on Wed., July 27th at 7:00 pm. To register to attend, please call: 978-774-0554.


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