Stay Close – Harlan Coben

Reviewed by Kim

Megan seems like your typical small town soccer mom. She has a great husband, two wonderful kids, and even the white picket fence. But 17 years ago Megan walked the wild side which ended in a murder and it is now about to come crashing back in on her. Ray is a down and out photographer who wastes what was once a well respected photojournalist career as a “paparrazzo” who is hired to take pictures of ordinary people posing as celebrities. He has been haunted for seventeen years by the same murder. Detective Jack Broome of Atlantic City has also been unable to let go of the past. He is determined to do whatever it takes to solve this seventeen year old murder and to bring closure to the man’s family. After a local man goes missing, the pattern is just too familiar and piecing together the clues will bring all three of these characters together in a way none of them could foresee.

With Stay Close Harlan Coben has once again written a novel that is difficult to put down until you have gotten to the very last page. Yes his characters may be a little cliched, but he still manages to make you care about them. The mystery behind everything keeps you wondering until the very last few pages. I did not guess the “villain” until the last two or three chapters. I would recommend this to anyone who likes Michael Palmer, Patricia MacDonald, etc.

Kim is the Assistant Head of Children’s Services
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