Oath of Office – Michael Palmer

Reviewed by Kim

Dr. John Meacham inexplicably goes on a murderous rampage, shooting two patients, his business partner, and staff before finally turning the gun on himself. The role of scapegoat falls on his friend and colleague Dr. Lou Welcome. Dr. Welcome had advocated for Dr. Meacham years ago after his medical license had been revoked due to drug addiction. It is because of Lou’s support that Dr. Meacham regained his license. Lou knows how well his friend had been doing and what happened does not make sense so after he is suspended from the counseling center where they both worked, he begins investigating. Little does he know that his inquiries will lead him to a diabolical conspiracy that reaches up to the highest echelons of Washington.

This is another winner for Michael Palmer. What I always find so scary about his books is that you can see what’s unfolding as actually being possible. This book hits at the heart of what has been currently in the news regarding certain Washington agencies and the regulation of what we are told is safe to ingest. The characters are as always realistically portrayed and Lou’s 13 year old daughter makes a charming addition without distracting from the main storyline. Mr. Palmer has such a talent for bringing his characters to life that by the time you finish his books you feel as though you actually know them. I would highly recommend Oath of Office to anyone who enjoys reading mysteries, medical thrillers, and political suspense.

Kim is the Assistant Head of Children’s Services
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