Celebrity In Death – J.D. Robb

Reviewed by Kim

Celebrity in Death picks up right where the previous book New York to Dallas left off. Eve, with the help of Rourke is still recovering from those events, and she is now the subject of a “vid”, (movie) based on the Icove case written by her friend Nadine. They along with the other players: Nadine, Peabody, McNab, Mira & Mr. Mira, etc. have been invited to attend a fancy dinner alongside the cast who are playing their characters. Before the end of the party, the actress who is playing Peabody winds up dead in a rooftop pool and of course it is up to Peabody and company to solve the case.

This book moved much slower than I thought it was going to, but for me that was not necessarily a bad thing given all the danger, trauma, and unwelcome revelations that Eve underwent in the last book. The evening starts out quietly enough with Eve being cranky about having to dress up, and there are actually some pretty funny scenes such as when Peabody meets the actress who is playing her and realizes how much alike they look. “In Death ” fans will be happy in that you get to see something of all your favorite characters in this entry even if it’s somewhat briefly. I think the only two who aren’t seen are Louise and Charles. It’s a little tough to feel sympathy for the victim in this case as she was not “ahem” a very nice person to say the least, but as Eve says that doesn’t matter. Everyone deserves justice. It’s obvious who the villain is about half way through the book, but even that doesn’t really detract from the plot as half the fun is catching a killer who thinks they’re invincible. All in all I think fans will be pleased with Celebrity in Death and for those who haven’t yet tried the series, if you like mystery, romance, suspense, dishy Irishmen, strong female heroines, and fantastic secondary characters, all of whom you’d like to meet in real life, please give these books a chance. You won’t be sorry! By the way, the first book is Naked in Death and you do have to read them in order.

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