Reading List: Kingsman (Get Your Spy Game On)

So you’ve seen the recently released Kingsman: The Secret Service and have been bitten by the spy craft bug. One: Trust me, you’re not alone. Two: We can help fill the time between now and when you go back to the theater to see the movie again, or between now and when it’s released on DVD, whichver is in keeping with how you roll. The majority of the titles on this list, both fiction and non-fiction, can be found on display in the new book room.


Go Ahead Judge a Book by it’s Cover

We all do it (even though we’ve been admonished not to). Standing there looking at shelf after shelf of books we automatically are drawn to the covers. More importantly publishers know we do and create some really gorgeous covers to tempt us. Here are just a few of our favorites. Oh and we want to know what your favorite covers are. Leave them in the comments. (Bonus points if you can guess which of us picked which cover.)