On this page you’ll find profiles for staff members that contribute regularly to read this! If you find that you share similar reading interests to anyone listed below, you can search the blog for his or her reviews and recommendations (just type that individual’s username into the search box!)


According to inkonvellum, ta only reads “serious, don’t make fun of me books.” Try as she might to lure ta to the darkside with the likes of Twilight and New Moon, ta is a vegetarian and will only read books about “vegetarian” vampires. She prefers to read literary fiction, historical fiction, non-fiction, poetry and YA fantasy.


Just call inkonvellum Genre Girl; reader of all things supernatural, mysterious, romantic, and out of this world. She also devours Young Adult novels like they’re her very favorite sort of candy.


Radguru (Reader’s Advisory Guru) enjoys mystery, suspense, historical fiction, character studies, biography, family sagas and true adventure tales. She is a firm believer in reading to children and practices this faithfully with her seven grandchildren. 



maturid is looking for the same thing in each tome she attempts-the secret to the meaning of life. She adores literary fiction, historical fiction, and most especially nonfiction about artists(writers, visual, dancers) themselves. How does one get to be a muse anyway? And how do great artists do what they do, change the world, that is? (She’s hoping the answer is in a book somewhere.) Recently, maturid has gained great enthusiasm for and interest in the work of historians who recreate the noble lives of ordinary, lost & forgotten people through the use of archival materials such as Martha Hodes, in The Sea Captain’s Wife or the fictional account of a life through letters & diaries by Lee Smith in On Agate Hill. Reading to her is as it should be, a passion.


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